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Student government gives young people a voice in school, community


<p>Student Government Senior Erica Pruitt preparing gifts for the Valentine's Day promotion.</p>

Student Government Senior Erica Pruitt preparing gifts for the Valentine's Day promotion.

Southeastern High School has an active Student Government Association (SGA) that allows students to become more involved with school and community.

Civics teacher Nicholas Olson is the sponsor of the Student Government Association and strongly believes in having a student voice in Southeastern.

“It is critical for students to have a voice and take pride in their school,” he said. “With student representation in the school, students become leaders in the building. They also have a direct line of communication to the administration. This is important for students to create a school they can be proud of and call their own”

This school year, the Student Government have been active with programs that promote school pride and community outreach.

Most recently, the SGA planned the Valentine’s Day Gift Giving. Seniors Erica Pruitt, Sydney Matthews, and Keyana McCraney were inspired to plan a gift giving day because they wanted to help students purchase items for a low price and spread to spread love to each other.

SGA is planning other events as it continues to take the lead in promoting school pride and community outreach, and helping students become better leaders.

Michael Hargrove and Cellus Camper, two members of SGA, decided to get in contact with Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan to help veterans who have served our country but can’t afford to purchase food.

“I chose to give back because it shows that you have heart” Camper said. “I love giving back and being a big help.”

Hargrove wants Southeastern Students to be involved with the community.

“ I chose to do the Gleaners project because it seemed like it would be a great experience for us students to be involved in and a great way to give back,” said Hargrove.

Other events that our SGA has hosted is Southeastern Homecoming. SGA took charge of the planning because it wanted to promote school pride.

“We decided to plan our school’s homecoming dance to support our football team and, as planned, celebrate the win that followed,” SGA said in a statement.

The homecoming was not only for the football team but for all Jungaleers. 



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