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Is it worth spending more on designer brands?


Forever 21 or Prada? H&M or Gucci? Are we spending too much, or not enough? So the question is: What is the purpose of spending more on clothes when less expensive will cover you just the same?” Could it be quality or image?

What makes these clothes better than the others? Who wore it? The label?

Do we strain our wallets to believe what we buy is really worth the cost. Many believe if you have it spend it, others argue if you have it save it.

Emani Byrd, sophomore at Cass Technical High School, studying to pursue Fashion Merchandising said: “I tend to spend more than I expect on clothes. I care about labels but I don't at the same time. I genuinely do think Americans spend a lot of money on clothes and sometimes it isn’t even worth it. For example, the all-white New Balances, the foreign designer company Balenciaga, made shoes exactly like them and everyone prefers those instead, why? Because it’s the trend so why not?”

This raises the question, is it all about labels?

Kennedy Robinson, junior communication major at Cass Tech said: “I like to wear name brand clothes but I don’t always enjoy the labels showing. I care about what I have on to a certain extent, our generation has really become fascinated with brands and labels and what’s hot and what’s not, so I think it’s become almost a part of the American culture to wear what’s trending.”

No matter how much you’d like to deny it people spend money on clothes in order to keep up with the trends that have been set in today's fashion. Some people actually consider the quality and choose to pay more for items that will last longer, but others just want to fit in. So which are?


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