Culture Appropriation is to deal with the adoptions of the elements of a minority’s culture by members of a dominant culture.

Recently Cass Technical High School junior Elka Boyd received a cluster of backlash in regards to culture appropriation. Boyd recently took a trip to Mexico where she visited her family members. While in Mexico, Boyd got her hair braided and everyone loved it in Mexico. However, when coming back to the U.S. from her trip Boyd accepted a lot of hate from other minorities and cultures.

“My intentions were never to steal someone else’s culture,” Boyd said. “I feel how as though it was just a hairstyle and wouldn’t personally affect anyone.”

Culture Appropriation is not only a local thing however. Recently internet star Kim Kardashian uploaded an Instagram photo of herself with braids.

“I don’t want to offend anyone by my choices of hairstyle, but at the same time I want to feel free to express myself,” Boyd said.

Cass Technical High School Sophomore Janae Arnold, who is a part of Cass Tech’s club “Curl Talk”, feels as though culture appropriation can be a form of mockery.

“I feel like if a person from another ethnic group dresses up as a Black Panther for Halloween, that is culture appropriation,” said Arnold “However, when it comes to wearing a hairstyle I do not feel like another ethnic group that is not African American

Is mocking the culture.”

Renaissance High School sophomore Paige Carter feels as though culture appropriation is real.

“I feel as though culture appropriation is when a person claims a custom that one culture dominates," she said. "I’m a young African American woman and personally, if I see someone making a mockery of my culture I will be offended."