The new and upcoming movie Black Panther which was released earlier this month as been receiving amazing feedback ever since the movie was first brought into existence. Although some believe that this movie is nothing but another superhero film brought to us by marvel, many young African Americans believe that this movie will be the breakthrough people of color need in the movie industry.

Black Panther stands out from other marvel superhero films because of the African culture and also the African American actors and actresses that are starring in the film. The wealthy fictional African city by the name of Wakanda in Black Panther is one of the many great highlights of the film. Compared to other superhero movies Black Panther meaning goes way beyond just crime fighting. For people of color this movie symbolizes power and greatness.

Cass Tech senior Takiyah Smiley said that for her “this movie symbolizes that black people and/or people of color are more than just stereotypes and can actually fight crime and be the superhero in a movie besides portraying an evil figure such as a thug or gang member.”

It was rare to see a person of color be portrayed in such an honoring manner when it comes to movies, especially superhero movies. So a superhero movie with a cast majority of color inspires people of color to see beyond the stereotypes.

Cass Tech African American history teacher Mr. Evans believes that Black Panther will have an impact on viewers of every generation. 

Mr. Evans said that “Black Panther is and should be considered a cultural event for African Americans. The youth will be impacted because they will see Black Panther as an intelligent and powerful hero from Africa. These unique qualities are not portrayed enough in movies, and will give younger audiences a positive image of Africa and African people."

Black Panther is a movie that will impact people of color lives whether it is culturally or emotionally. “This movie will make a mark in cinema history as one of the most powerful movies for people of color just like when Spike Lee brought Malcolm X to the big screen in 1992”, said Mr. Evans.

Not everyone will agree with the culturally meaning of this movie but whether you are a person of color or not Black Panther will still be a great superhero movie to go see.