As time goes on, we tend to lose touch with our history. Looking back at American history, African Americans have contributed too much of the success here in this country. Everyone should know African American history because through many trials and tribulations, we stayed strong, while contributing to a country who hated us. The importance of Black history is to celebrate what African Americans went through and how we prevailed to be something bigger than the standards we were held to.

As my generation gets older, even a blind man can see how much we are not aware of our roots and background. Besides the mainstream African Americans, we do not really look into our history to see the variety of accomplishments. I believe we lost touch with admiring the importance of black history. In order to learn more about our history we have to want to learn about it. We can take the extra step to research, read and educate others.

African American history should be taught in schools because it is American history. Everyone should learn about it regardless of race because we are a part of this country as well. We need to educate everyone about the importance of African American history. We have fought and prospered through every challenge and barrier we have had to face just to prove ourselves. We are strong, smart and independent individuals who deserved to be know.