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Remembering Dr. Reynolds

On Jan. 19, the Benjamin Carson community lost one of its family members when Dr. Walter Reynolds passed away. According to those who worked with him, Reynolds was peaceful, amazing, important, a problem solver and a friend. Also, he was a huge father figure in the school.

Reynolds was a substitute and resource teacher at Benjamin Carson High School. He helped students with their work, helped them get their grades up and helped the teachers if they needed him to sub for their class or if they needed him come in the classroom to help another student. He also built strong relationships with the students and adults that he worked with.

“Dr. Reynolds really helped me on my work and always kept me in a good mood,” senior Brittany Stevenson said. “ Also he made sure that I stayed out of trouble.”

“One day when I was in a really bad mood he gave me something to eat and made me laugh,” said Stevenson.

Junior D'antae Jackson said Reynolds was a friend to him, someone that he could always go to for help or to ask questions who helped with projects and homework.”

“When I had an English paper due that I did not finish Dr. Reynolds helped me finish my paper on time,” said Jackson.

“Dr. Reynolds assisted me in the resource room,” said resource teacher Tiffany Coleman, “He was a huge support in my room and for students."

“Dr. Reynolds came at a very good time because at the time I did not have a lot of help in the room,” said Coleman. “He was very consistent. He was a very dependable person."

A time that he really helped her is when she felt down around the time of her father’s death anniversary. She was talking about her father to him, and he gave her a lot of encouraging words.

Coleman summed him up in one word as a “hero” because he was always there to save the day.

Ms. Walker, program manager of the Crockett Technical Center Certified Nurse Assistant Program, was good friends with Reynolds.

“He would come and take my place for the class if I needed him to and he would help me with the curriculum,” said Walker. “He was very special to me because he really helped me a lot.”


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