As the new year kicks off to a start, new movies begin pouring in. With movies projected to break box office records, this year seems like it will be a successful year for the film industry.

One of the upcoming movies, “Black Panther," is expected to be a phenomenal one.

“Some tracking services have it as high as $150M over four days, but a $100M-plus opening is guaranteed," according to Deadline Magazine. Many people have anticipated this film and went as far as debating its box office expectations and ratings.

Another movie predicted for success, a long-awaited sequel, is “The Incredibles 2." This animation is the most anticipated family movie of 2018, according to Deadline. It has truly been an incredible 14-year wait and should be an interesting one to watch with the family.

Moving into the genre of horror, “Hereditary” has critics and fans on the edge of their seats. “Critics are calling this movie ‘the scariest movie of 2018’" according to Narcity Entertainment. This horror film is expected to topple the charts and give you a good scare.

Last, but certainly not least, the title of most anticipated movie of the year belongs to “Avengers: Infinity War.” This film is an action crossover between Marvel movies and was voted No. 1 on Deadline’s polls.

Students at Benjamin Carson High School are excited for upcoming movies, too.

“I’d like to watch ‘Black Panther,’” said Benjamin Carson junior Khamrrien Hayes. “It looks very interesting.”

“I want to watch Incredibles 2,” sophomore Aniqa Usha said. “The first one was a part of my childhood, and I’d like to see the sequel.”

“I want to see 'Den of Thieves',” said junior Mustafizur Rahman. “It is action-packed and includes my favorite actors.”

The new movies have sparked enthusiasm in many people. There is a massive amount of hype built among many films this year.