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​Football builds character


All young boys should consider playing football. It builds character and teaches you life lessons that you may not get just by sitting in a classroom.

In football, you have to be disciplined and focused on the goal, similar to how you should be in your everyday life. Not only does football teach you about life lessons, it teaches you about being a leader and leading other people. 

Football offers more than what everybody thinks. Many people who aren’t football fans think of the players as uneducated and cocky, but it is more than just helmets and pads. It’s about love, unity and brotherhood. 

I think boys should play football because it is going to teach them to be a competitor, In the world we live in, learning to compete and survive is an important factor in becoming a success story.

In football, you have to give it your all and give 150 percent at all times, because if you don’t, you are not going to get any clock time. In the everyday world, if you don’t go to school, graduate and do something with your life, you’re going to be a bum on the streets. 

Football and life go hand in hand like Kid N’ Play.


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