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RHS staff forfeits after alumni disqualification

<p>Clock winds down as RHS staff defeats students 24-18 in annual student vs. staff competition. </p>

Clock winds down as RHS staff defeats students 24-18 in annual student vs. staff competition.

Renaissance High School staff beat the juniors for the fourth year in a row 24-18 in the annual RHS “Student vs. Staff” sports competition in its gymnasium on Nov. 21, only to admit loss the following Monday due to having allowed RHS alumni to play on the staff team.

The competition is held as an elimination-style tournament in which grade levels compete in various sports to determine which set of students plays against staff in the final game. This year was basketball.

Junior David Mosley hopes to see the staff lose at least once before he graduates.

Mosley said, “It wasn’t really a student vs. staff game, and if they cheat, they should be disqualified”

In the first match of the tournament, the juniors defeated the freshmen, 26-23, after a slow start.

Junior player Terrence Washington thought his team would lose early.

“I would’ve been so mad to work all that time, just to lose in the first game. We pulled through though,” he said.

The match following included seniors and the sophomores, in which the seniors won a defensive battle in the final 10 minutes, 18-13.

Sophomore fan Aujana Swann said she “saw it coming.”

“[Our best players] were on the basketball team, so they couldn’t play,” Swann said.

The semi-final game between the juniors and seniors was a “battle of the upperclassmen.”

Juniors beat the seniors, 23-21.

The final match saw a 3-2 staff lead from the first tip off, and the juniors were never able to reel their way back into the game.

Staff defeated the students, 24-18, to seemingly remain undefeated in the annual student vs. staff match.

Morning announcements humbled staff, when administration admitted staff forfeiture on account of “unethical” inclusion of alumni players.

Vice Principal Roy Harris said, “I take full responsibility for not having my team fully prepared."

Next year will include a different sport, most likely volleyball.


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