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​One school, three city championships

Students prepare for victories

<p>So far in the 2017-2018 school year, the Crusaders have already secured three city championships.&nbsp;</p>

So far in the 2017-2018 school year, the Crusaders have already secured three city championships. 

King continues to excel in athletics. 

The girls’ cross country and swim teams and the varsity football team achieved city championships this school year. Dedication from these teams have lead them to victory in their 2017-2018 season.

“When playing a game, you are always going to fight through adversity. There are going to be some hard times and moments that you got to fight through. We went through some things, but we got the job done. I think it was just their will to win,” said Tyrone Spencer, head varsity football coach.

Some athletes have unique ways of mentally preparing for a game or meet. Building energy and hyping themselves up to win is a major factor that help determine the ultimate result of how players compete.

“My endurance is high. I’ve been at it for eight years now. Coming back from an injury was one thing that motivated me to become better. I pray and listen to music to prepare myself for a big game to assure myself that I will win,” said senior and running back Deangelo Stanley.

Regardless of the sport, practicing and hard working as a team is what leads to success. Girls’ cross country head coach Dwight Thomas works his runners through the week and Saturdays.

“Winning the city championship for cross country was like acing a test. When you have a team that gives their all during practice, it showed the day we won,” said junior and runner Jaylin Jones. “The adrenaline for winning two consecutive years in a row made it all a thrill.”

Having athletics in school is what some students depend on for motivation. That’s why athletes were upset when assistant girls’ swim coach Anneatra Kaplan explained to her team that swim may be the next sport to be cut by the school district, following golf and tennis.

“I love swim because it makes me the person that I am. It means so much to me because I heard swim was going to be cut out of DPS. I wanted to make a change out of that. Me winning back to back lets DPS know to keep swim as a sport,” said AnQuniece Wheeler, senior and girls’ swim captain.

Coaches see potential in their athletes and guide them toward positivity so they won’t waste their talents.

“Other teams have 20-30 players. We only have nine [swimmers], and we still won [the city championships] two years in a row. It was a combination of perseverance, endurance, and tenacity. I’m going to continue raising champions,” said Kaplan.

The Crusaders have always been known for their academics and athletics, and they are still striving to continue success in both.

“It’s quite an honor to be a part of a school that’s on top of academics and sports. For us, it’s become an expectation to not only win, but to go to playoffs and championships,” said Lawrence Fitz, assistant principal. 


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