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College adviser provides valuable advice

<p>The college application process has been challenging for students. File photo by Detroit School of the Arts.</p>

The college application process has been challenging for students. File photo by Detroit School of the Arts.

In high school, students have a choice to make. They have to decide their future and what they are going to do with it. They have to choose the path they are going to take. 

In order to make these decisions they have to answer vital questions that will help guide them along.

Most students struggle with preparing for college. They even have trouble with picking the right college. Some students focus more on the living conditions while other students focus on picking a college that has clubs and teams.

Do you know what your going to do after high school? How do you choose the right college? When is it time to make your final decision?

At Detroit School of Arts, this is our first year with a college adviser. Her name is Daniel May. She has been helping guide our students to take the right path. I had the delightful opportunity to interview her and get some key points every high schooler should know.

“Students should start preparing for college freshman year, starting to explore colleges and going on tours,” said May.

Many students think that they don't have to get into researching and finding colleges until their junior year. The best time to start scouting out colleges is freshman year. There are a lot of colleges and if a student waits till later on in their high school career to search for the right college then it will be very overwhelming for them. Their shortage of time will cloud their judgement on finding the right college.

“Students will know the college is for them when they step foot on campus and can feel the atmosphere of the college that they belong there. Making sure the college is relatable to what they are looking for,” May said.

The best option for a student is to visit that college and get a feel of the campus. The last thing a incoming freshman wants is to get to a college and not like it because they haven’t experienced the environment. The college that you choose is going to be apart of your life for a significant amount of time and you want to make sure it is the right one for you.

“If i could give advice to any juniors now, I would tell them to get close with their teachers. They will need teachers for letter of recommendations and apply for scholarships now,” said DSA senior LaShawn Young.

Yes. Yes. Yes!

Having a relationship with your teachers is very necessary. There will always be a undying war between teachers and students. However the ones who do the right thing and have respect are the ones getting letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are very influential to the chances of getting into a school. That is one of the only things that is a reflection of your character.

“Decision making can be hard i would say it is best to have your decision ready once you have all of your acceptance letters and award packets from all colleges," May said.

It is often thought that a student has to make a decision early in the year. The time is yours to apply and to weigh your options. As long as you have an idea of what you want the pressure of making a decision would not be hard.

As much as these steps and tips help, the only person who can make your choice for you is you. The best advice is is to follow your heart. Don’t make any decisions based on what others think. You should do what is right for you and the rest will follow.


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