Fenty Beauty was released Sept. 8 by Rihanna Fenty. Fenty Beauty has turned the beauty industry inside out. 

For years the makeup industry has neglected to be inclusive to everyone regarding their shade range. Women of color have struggled to find complexion shades, lip products, and eyeshadows for far too long. Women of color often times have to mix their foundations or always pair a lip liner with a lipstick, but not anymore.

“… even when I was getting my makeup done for a special event makeup artist never ever has my shade,” said Mrs. Rogers, Cass Tech 9th grade English teacher.

Fenty Beauty released 40 foundation shades when most brands originally release 10. Fenty Beauty proved to the makeup industry that African American women love to feel beautiful just as much as any other race. African American women spend up to $75 billion annually on beauty products, which shows that people of color is a marketable area.

Rihanna has influenced the makeup industry to become inclusive for all. Brands such as Too Faced are working with famous advocate for women of color Jackie Aina to expand their foundation brands. Although, women of color are happy that their finally getting included, some are over the issue.

“If it took you this long to think about me then you weren’t really thinking about me,” English teacher Mrs. Rogers.

Mrs. Rogers speaks for the masses; most African American women are over brands that overlooked them. The makeup industry has taken a huge step forward in the fight for inclusivity by releasing Fenty Beauty. 

Fenty Beauty was one small step for the beauty industry, one giant leap for people of color.