Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine, which prepares students to get ready to attend the medical field, has a schedule that rotates between two days: science days and medicine days. Students have two days to do homework and any assignments.

Mondays and Wednesdays are called science days. Tuesdays and Thursdays are called medicine days. Fridays rotate between Science and Medicine days. The school determines which day the Friday will be based on the semester’s amount of days. Benjamin Carson High School tries to make an even quantity of days out of the whole school year.

There are only four classes on medicine and science days. These classes are an hour and a half long.

What do the students and teachers think about the current schedule now at Benjamin Carson? Would they rather have the schedules some other schools in Detroit have? Numerous students and teachers have different opinions about the schedules and timing at our schools.

In a survey conducted by Diagnostic staff, students from 9th to 12th grade were asked the question:

“Would you keep the four different classes every day or have the same six classes every day?”

Out of 120 students surveyed, 90 preferred to keep the school’s current schedule and only 30 students preferred to change the schedule.

Some teachers agree with the students.

“ I would prefer the schedule to be the same.” said chemistry teacher Helen Barton.

Not everyone likes the current schedule.

“I would try something different and agree to having the same six classes everyday.” said sophomore Larry Phillips-Flagg.