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Teen HYPE gives students more choices

<p>Putting their ideas in the air, young teens try to come up with a new look for the Detroit’s West Riverfront.</p>

Putting their ideas in the air, young teens try to come up with a new look for the Detroit’s West Riverfront.

Teens should have an outlet where they can express themselves freely. One such place is the organization Teen HYPE (Helping Youth by Providing Education) which focuses on empowering students. It offers many programs and services, including sometimes theater for expression. “Build the Hype Tour” gives participants all the information needed to choose which program is the best fit for them.

“I developed partnerships with pretty much all of DPS as well as charter schools. I make sure that we have in-school programing for pure education programs that we do in school,” said Laron Evans, Teen HYPE’s senior manager of in-school initiative.

The organization has individuals to assist teens from age 13 to 18 through personal issues that may hold them back.

“I help teens to connect to the mission of building bridges and confronting barriers,” said Matthew Schmitt, manager of mission advancement.

Every year Teen HYPE puts on a stage play composed by teens for their peers. In April, there was the performance 12th Street that taught the history of the 1967 riots in Detroit.

This youth group spreads across the city by going to schools and informing students about their health and participating in fun activities that deal with personal issues that affect them today.

“Teen HYPE came to my school for my health class. We had a whole health segment for about two weeks and that’s how I learned about Teen HYPE,” said senior D’Avionne Hill at King.

Besides the fun, Teen HYPE also helps their communities in different ways from thinking of ideas to making a difference.

“They have been exposing me to new things that I didn’t know about and providing activities that work on our inner self,” said junior Joia Fanning at Fitzgerald High School. “It encouraged me to do community service.

Students affiliated with Teen HYPE are more encouraged to be themselves than they are in some other school activities. Teen HYPE directly impacts students and helps them learn how to deal with situations on a day-to-day basis.

“It has benefited me because it taught me how to communicate with people more and not let things get to me so easily,” said sophomore Jada Bonney at Cass Tech.

If interested in Teen HYPE, go to, click on the “Get Involved” tab, then go to “Join Peer Education” to enter personal contact information.


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