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King brings back a classic for Spirit Week

King’s theme for Spirit Week, held the week of Oct. 2, was “There’s no place like King,” a remix from The Wizard of Oz’s “There’s no place like home.” Teachers and senior advisors Marnett Bentley and Leslie Spain came up with the idea.

“After doing some searching for themes, Ms. Bentley and I together decided to do ‘There’s no place like King’ and to copy The Wizard of Oz theme,” said Spain.

The weeks before Spirit Week, the halls were full of staff and students decorating and transforming King.

“‘There’s no place like King’ got students hyped for the festivities that took place during homecoming week and got them ready for the homecoming game,” said Bentley.

Not only did the grade levels have their individual hallways, they had individual Wizard of Oz characters as well. Ninth grade had the Tin Man, representing the heart; 10th grade had the Lion, representing courage; 11th grade had the Scarecrow, representing the brains; and 12th grade had Dorothy, who just wanted to go home.

“My favorite part of decorating was creating the characters and the yellow brick road. The red ruby slippers are so cute and they take me back to my childhood,” said Spain. “Although this generation is more familiar with The Wiz, it’s very important that we teach our students the classics first, before we show the spin offs,” said Spain.


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