Coach Kenneth Flowers is a man with many titles at Henry Ford High School. He serves as the Dean of Students, head boys basketball coach and athletics director.

“I appreciate Coach Flowers coaching technique. He definitely helped me improve my basketball skills”, states Demarco Carridine, a senior at Henry Ford.


SeniorAnthony Daniels said: “Coach Flowers is the best. He holds me accountable and steadily works with me to help improve my game.”

Flowers’ varsity basketball team placed second in 2015 and won the state championship in 2016. 2016 was a momentous victory for Ford and its first state championship.

Flowers holds an Associates of Arts degree from Cerro Cosco Community College in Ridgecrest, California. He also holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Wayne State University.

Flowers has been at Henry Ford for 11 years and enjoys working with the students, as well as the community. He continually strives to provide better options for students and encourages them to avoid bad influences.