According to the Irish Time, the Keys to Being a Successful Student are as follows: good time management, organization, realistic schedule, having a “study timetable" and lots of reminders.

Cass Technical High School is one of the top schools of its district. CT achievements include having had eight merit finalist in the last six years, having DPSCD's largest Wayne County Community College Dual Enrollment Program, and CT is an MDE Reward School ranked in the top 5% of all high schools in the state of Michigan.

So the question is: How do the students handle all the tasks that come with being a Cass Tech Student and maintain high GPAs at the same time?!

Xavier Goldsmith, 2019 Student Athlete with a 3.5 GPA and offers from a number of division one schools including Mississippi, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Temple, Colorado, and many more had a lot to say on the matter.

“Just going home, turning your phone off for a couple hours, and staying focused can really make a difference," said Goldsmith. "Playing sports takes out a lot of my time, so I feel time management is also very important."

Nicholas Daniel, who is ranked 11th in his 2019 class with a consecutive 4.0 throughout the course of his three years spent in high school thus far. He had much to say on his success with grades.

“I don't like anything other than 4.0s," Daniel said. “Helping my peers with their work has helped me review what we go over in class, I play a lot of educational video games and try to take the concepts used in the games and relate them to my schoolwork. 

“Just make sure if you don't know exactly what you're doing, don't assume anything, and if you need help, ask for it!”