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Local Music Store The D String heals a city through music

<p>The interior of the D String.</p>

The interior of the D String.

When The D String opened in Eastern Market on Thanksgiving Day 2016, it was still undergoing the finishing touches of remodeling. Nevertheless, co-owners and married couple, Maureen Kearns-Steele and Keith Steele opened the doors early because they knew the city needed what they had created, and they wanted the people to have it as soon as possible. Since its opening, The D String has been a home to musicians both young and old and a beacon of hope for the city of Detroit.

Kearns-Steele and Steele initially saw a practical need for a music store.

“Keith was complaining that there was no store in the city for music supplies, even though we’re such a music city,” said Maureen.

Business was slow at the start, as is the case for most new businesses, but stabilized over the course of a year.

For many, The D String is more than just a business. While the store has provided needed musical equipment for artists, it has also had an effect on its employees, including Detroit Cristo Rey sophomore Nicolas Perales, who has been inspired by meeting many musical artists.

Kearns-Steele and Steele value music to their hearts, and this is apparent in their business.

“Our purpose here, is to support local music in our city,” said Kearns-Steele. “Music is healing, and we aim to create a more cohesive city through music, music brings people together. We want people to go to live shows, listen to the music, and feel it, and let it make them happy.”


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