As many may know, college is very expensive. On average, college can be 40,000+ for one year. On the bright side, there are multiple scholarship options, partial and full.

There are so many varieties of scholarships. For Detroit Public School students there are a handful of scholarships available. Unfortunately, some scholarships are lesser known, but they are available for various kinds of students.

Students that have unique qualities about themselves, like being left handed, ambidextrous, in foster care, or come from harsh conditions have specific scholarships available for them. Not many people know of that. 

Cass Tech freshman Kameela said she didn't realize she could start applying for scholarships now.

She stated, “I’ve thought about college and I know that I have to always keep my grades up for when I do start applying for scholarships, but I didn’t know I could apply this early," she said.

There are multiple websites that DPS students can visit to find scholarships. For example, there is the “," “" and “”. 

To sign up for these scholarships takes very little effort. First you need to make sure you are eligible. Most scholarships require a 2.0, a determined income, a Michigan residency, and you have to be planning on attending a Michigan college.

If you are interested in be granted a scholarship you can simply visit those websites and follow the steps to completion, or you can always see your counselor to help you in gaining scholarship money. 

"We usually send information out on “Remind” stating that scholarships have come in, or we send a scholarship monthly newsletter," Cass Tech counselor Rogers said.

With that, it tells what type of scholarship it is and when the deadline is. From there you can sign up and follow the guidelines required on that site.