General education is a program of education intended to develop students as personalities rather than trained specialists and to transmit a common cultural heritage. Most high school students take general education classes.

What is this advanced placement that teachers so highly recommend? Advance placement is the placement of a student in a high school course that offers college credit if successfully completed. Teachers recommend these classes at Cass Tech around the end of students 10th grade year and beginning of 11th grade year.

Now you may be thinking what is the real difference between AP and GE classes? And why do teacher promote AP classes so much?

Most of the AP students say that the only real difference is the extra point in the grading scale and more work.

Aja Edwards, a 12th grader at Cass Tech, said “ I choose AP because I thought that the extra point was cool."

Most GE students say there is no real difference than more work and more stress.

Vanessa Buggs, a12th grader at Cass Tech, said “I choose not to take AP classes because I did not want the extra stress.”

Cass Tech senior India Burgess said: “I found out about the AP classes later in the year plus being a Cass Tech student is already stressful, so why add the extra stress."

In the opinion of Dorothea Williams-Arnold, an AP teacher, taking AP classes can help prepare you for college courses but can sometimes take away that creativity in learning and teaching an AP course.