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Can new businesses help Detroit reinvent itself?

When you go downtown, do you feel like you were 10 years ago? Any person who lives around the Detroit metro area can confess that the city has been changing economically. New businesses have been opening up and are quickly changing where we live. Among the hundreds of businesses, “Detroit Vs. Everybody” is one of them. Founded by Tommy Walker Jr., the store has inspired many aspiring business owners to open up in their own city.

The “Detroit Vs. Everybody” brand was established in 2012. The main store lies in the heart of Detroit owned by Tommey Walker, a self-professed commission artist, brand manager, and creative problem solver. The Detroit Vs. Everybody company boasts that he envisioned a brand that could “rebuild Detroit's image, through the restored pride of Detroiters universally.”

A citizen of Detroit, Shea Renusch, 23, works at one of the “Detroit vs Everybody” locations in the Eastern Market area. She works here because she believes that Tommey Walker has brought a positive image of Detroit, and it offers a lot to the city by just being a popular Detroit owned business. 

“A lot of people are inspired by Tommey Walker and the movement he has created," Renusch said.

Aneesa Woods, 14, and a freshman at Cass Technical High School said: “New companies can offer new opportunities, new jobs, and new skill sets for the city.” 

She said believes that businesses can offer experience to youth which can then lead them to inspiration. 

“Businesses can help the productivity in kids, and can help them become efficient in their workplace," she said. 


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