Detroit Piston Andre Drummond came to Mumford on Oct. 24 to surprise the school, present the boys and girl’s basketball teams with a check for $5000 and to share his love of milk.

Mumford submitted the winning video in a contest sponsored by Drummond and the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. Schools were asked to show school lunch spirit in a video featuring students enjoying dairy at school.

Senior Ebony Norwood’s winning entry was a mix of videos and still-shots of students around the school enjoying milk. Video production teacher Zack McCullough said he thinks the video did well because it was funny.

At the assembly, Drummond talked to students about the importance of good nutrition.

“As an athlete, I’m very careful about what I put into my body,” Drummond said.

This is the second win in two months for Mumford senior Ebony Norwood who also produced the winning video for a contest sponsored by Wireless Vision and T-Mobile to give schools “a chance to show off their students, their culture and their spirit.”

In a surprise assembly on Sept. 27, Mumford students found out about the win and were treated to an appearance by motivational speaker Inky Johnson. The school also won $2000 worth of school supplies, a $100 staples gift card, and 15 Samsung tablets.

“I just wanted to do what I could for the school to be noticed,” Norwood said.

Norwood is planning a career in broadcast journalism.