Junior Madison Wood was chosen to visit Channel 7 News to get a first-hand experience in creating broadcast news. Wood had the privilege of shadowing news anchor Carolyn Clifford as well as Clifford's colleagues for the day because of Wood’s desire to be a broadcast journalist.

“They showed me the process of putting the news together,” said Wood. “I learned how the meteorologists get the forecast daily and all the key components in a live broadcast.”

Journalism is a fast paced profession where mistakes can happen easily. Broadcast journalists have to be able to improvise, speak clearly, as well as set the tone for a particular story.

“I learned that there is a lot of work to be done in order to get ten seconds of the story on air,” said Wood. “You have to make sure if there are any last second changes that it gets changed fast.”

Journalists jump on stories as fast as they are presented to the public but it's up to each newsroom how they want to convey the message of that story.

“What makes our product shine is teamwork in the newsroom,” said Clifford. “It's more important to be right instead of being first when presenting a story.”

Clifford is an advocate of giving back to her community through mentorship. Clifford visits different high schools in the metropolitan area to offer them opportunities to shadow her.

“The reason I allow students to shadow me is because I was born and raised in Detroit and without a lot of help from teachers and mentors I would not be where I am today,” said Clifford.