By the time a student becomes a senior, he or she has very important decisions to make. Students have to get their priorities in order to make sure they walk across the stage this summer.

“It’s a lot more work being a senior. You have to crack down on your work and make sure you have all your credits,” said senior Raquon Walker.

Being a senior can be very challenging and very exciting. There’s the emotional rush of graduating coupled with trying to live in the moment because it'll all be over soon.

“I didn't expect it to go this fast. The year goes really fast and you have to plan ahead,” said senior Chinell Vaughn.

When senior year hits, it can be a wakeup call for many students who have not taken their high school academics seriously. Many are on track and excited to move on to the next experience in their life.

“It’s a relief to think that you made it this far,” said senior Torecia Keys. “It’s simply time to move on.”

Some seniors lose track by getting caught up in having fun. Others stress about their high school workload, their jobs, and the pressures of getting into a good college.

“What’s hard is time management. Being able to keep track of what time you have to go to work and how much work you have to do for school,” said senior Jalin Willis. “I leave out of here at 3:30 and I go straight to work because I start at 5.”

College is a whole new ball game. High school gets you ready for that big step.

“The best part about it is when they come back and tell me how well they’re doing in college,” said psychology teacher Matthew Paukovitz.

Most seniors just need that push to keep going. It can be a hard process trying to keep up.

“If they’re willing to work hard, they can do whatever they put their minds to and if they don't tell themselves they can’t do it, they might surprise themselves,” said math teacher David Menczer.