Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program that molds the youth into respectable civilians and shows them how to help others no matter the situation. The promotion ceremony held in April was for students to move to the next level. Cadets will benefit from fellow cadets as they continue in JROTC.

“This program is for the parents to come out and support their child and see the progress their child has made,” said sergeant first class Jamille Phillips.

As students excel in the ranks and become officers, other JROTC students learn from them. The student officers give advice to their fellow cadets on they, too, can be promoted.

“I can excel as well as my peers by staying a part of the program because it teaches you good leadership and how to work as a team,” said sophomore staff sergeant Mika Jackson.

“I think I can motivate my fellow cadets,” said junior cadet Tia Smith.

JROTC attempts to get cadets’ parents involved as much as possible. Parental involvement is a significant component of the program.

“I think my parent will support me more to stay a part of the program because they support anything I do,” said Jackson.

Because of JROTC, some students have considered a career in the armed services.

“I’ve been thinking about going to the navy or air force since most of my family is in. I want to continue that legacy,” said Smith.