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Evans inspires students, leads them to strong showing at science fair

<p>Douglass had nine middle school DAPCEP students participate in the Science & Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit this week in March.</p>

Douglass had nine middle school DAPCEP students participate in the Science & Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit this week in March.

Several of my DAPCEP classmates and I completed the science fair process at Cobo Hall in March. This process was truly labor intensive and our DAPCEP teacher Sheryl Evans would not accept anything but our best. Here are a few of the highlights from an interview I had with her:

Question: Why did you choose science for your field of study?

Answer: “I always knew I wanted to be a teacher but I thought I would be a fourth grade homeroom teacher until I had an amazing biology and microbiology teacher in college and he made me love science. I switched my major the next semester.”

Q: When did DAPCEP and Science Fair start for you?

Answer: “I took a DAPCEP class in 10th grade while attending Renaissance High School. I took courses in biology and chemistry at U of M-Dearborn. I also participated in the Science and Engineering Fair at Cobo Hall in ninth grade. I did a chemistry project on Vitamin C titration.”

Q: Why do you encourage students to participate in DAPCEP and science fair?

A: “I encourage students to participate in DAPCEP and science fair because DAPCEP’s mission to help promote students to pursue careers in Science, Math, Engineering and Technology is truly needed. The careers of the 21st century demand this technological, critical scientific mind. I teach 4th grade DAPCEP at U of D-Mercy and I love to see the eagerness in the faces of my students on a Saturday morning. I try to make the experiences for the student fun and memorable.

As for the science fair, the process requires a scientific mind, to be a critical thinker and engage in scientific research which requires commitment. Students need to believe they too can do science. When they put in the hard work and see that other people recognize it and they earn top awards at Cobo Hall; I know I have achieved my mission.”

Q: Out of all the Science Fair’s you have participated in; which is your favorite or most memorable and why?

A: “My favorite science fair, out of them all, would’ve been the science fair of 2009. Because, it was the first time any of my students won a Grand Award. And it felt even better knowing it was my daughter. Yet it was bitter-sweet, since a week before the science fair, my first husband died, and he wasn’t able to celebrate in our success. That spring we attended the DAPCEP Gold Awards trip to Chicago and created wonderful memories.”

Working with Ms. Evans has been a wonderful time I wouldn’t trade for anything. I feel DAPCEP has helped me understand a lot outside of S.T.E.M., thanks to Ms. Evans guidance. Now I will go on in life knowing I had a brilliant, caring, teacher that was there to help me grow. For that, I thank you, Sheryl Evans for a lifelong impact.


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