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Crusaders for Christ builds religious confidence

<p>Crusaders for Christ allows students to express their religious beliefs, pray, and build a family bond.</p>

Crusaders for Christ allows students to express their religious beliefs, pray, and build a family bond.

King has many clubs and organizations but one that does not get a lot of recognition is Crusaders for Christ. This faith-based group allows students to express their religious beliefs and focuses on sharing the word of God with other students.

“Crusaders for Christ started before I got here at King," said math teacher Dwayne Harvey. "It has a long history. I want it to continue and let our light shine."

During their teen years, some students are ashamed to express religious principles to their peers. Crusaders for Christ helps build confidence and encourages students to be proud of their beliefs.

“The program is about not being ashamed of being a young Christian and being able to stand up for what you believe in and express yourself in that manner,” said Harvey.

Crusaders for Christ has become more than just an organization. The members have formed a familial bond with each other.

“I believe it’s something the school needs as a whole," said senior Erin Martin. "We are more of a family which is something King really needs."

Students are progressing in being able to stand strong on their own and are proud of their values.

“You need to be able to stand strong. There are going to be times where you’re going to have to stand up for what you believe in," said Harvey.

The program supports students and acknowledges their hardships through prayer requests. Prayer requests are just that: prayers requested by students who are experiencing trying times.

"It really helps people feel more at home and just let people know there’s somebody here for you if you need us,” said Martin.

Students are not the only members. Teachers Benjamin Harris and Matthew Johnston are also in the group.

“Crusaders for Christ is not just a place to learn and grow in Christ but a place to share and find community,” said Johnston.

There are not any special prerequisites to become a member. Staff and students interested in this group can join. How you can join this program is they meet every Tuesday after school and all you have to do is walk in or ask Harvey to become a member.

“There are no requirements at all and everybody’s more than welcome to come,” said Harvey.


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