During last month's 2017 NFL draft, two Cass Tech football players were selected and two others were signed as free agents.

The third round picks from the University of Michigan were corner Jourdan Lewis, set to join the Dallas Cowboys, and safety Delano Hill, who will join the Seattle Seahawks. 

Signed as free agents, Eastern Michigan corner DaQuan Pace will play for the Cincinnati Bengals, and University of Toledo’s safety DeJuan Rogers will join the Chicago Bears.

These young men were guided by Cass Tech head football coach Thomas Wilcher and former assistant coach Jermaine Crowell, currently the head coach at Belleville High School.

“Coach Wilcher is a father figure to many of us young men on the team. He takes time out of his day to help mold us into the men we are today,” says Donovan Johnson CT senior defensive back, who will be attending Penn State in the fall.

“If I have 200 guys show up to work and practice, I will work and practice with 200 guys," Wilcher said. "I just want to see greatness.”

In 20 year of coaching, Wilcher has inducted 12 Army All-American players and a growing number of players in the NFL.

Crowell offers training for defensive players.

“I truly have a problem charging folks for something that I would do for free so this month, I’ll start DB work for anyone who wants to get it and is willing to come to Belleville," Crowell said. "If parents and kids can trust coaches and trust the process, greatness is the outcome.”