Social studies teacher John Mayberry was the only educator awarded the Brokaw Outstanding Advisor of the Year by the YMCA Michigan Youth of Government for his diligence with King’s student council. Gayle Brokaw (which the honor is named after) is a retired program director for this organization.

“The purpose is to see government initiatives from a teenage point of view,” said Mayberry.

With Mayberry’s leadership, students learned the techniques necessary to express themselves politically by coming up with possible bills and learning how to debate those bills.

“At first, public speaking terrified me. Now, I have no issues with getting up in front of people and talking,” said senior Ja’Brea Norris. “It taught me how to deal with different personalities, order, and respect.”

Mayberry instructs students on how to maneuver governmental dialogue and issues. They learn how the government creates bills.

“I started a bill. It could actually go up to the state and get approved,” said junior Mia Cowans. “I’m so happy.”

Student council not only benefits the students, but also the advisors and other members of the organization who want to see children succeed.

“Seeing them become passionate about civics and government is my reward,” said Mayberry.

Mayberry was chosen for meeting the following criteria: modeling core YMCA values, developing the next generation of civic leaders, demonstrating strong organizational skills, having strong support of delegation leadership applications and candidacy, and fulfilling conference duties with diligence and reliability.

“This honor shows that the impact I’m trying to make, I’m actually making,” said Mayberry.