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BCHS Career Day A Huge Success

Professional speakers volunteered to speak at Benjamin Carson High School on April 27 to talk about a variety of career paths to students. Students gathered in classrooms to listen to speakers of different career backgrounds.

The purpose of career day was to show there are many choices to make in life. The speakers of the event talked about their experiences and their struggles in getting where they are today.

Nicole Carter and Millicynt Horton, Benjamin Carson counselors, along with Margaret Eboh, organized the event.

“I feel that career day went off very, very well,” Horton said.

“I would like if the school did Career Day annually,” said freshman Bernard Bradley, “because it helped me think about jobs to pursue after high school.”

Horton also appreciated the speakers.

“One of the speakers that I knew was Anthony Cuffie who was a writer and producer and he does have a background in education as well,” said Horton. “He spoke to the students about his journey and he is very inspirational and the students seemed to get a lot out of it. They had tons of questions. He has a great story and he’s still pushing to get his movies on the big screen.”

Horton considered the event a success. She said, “I think the students who participated in Career Day definitely were motivated to follow their career paths that they have established for themselves. I also think it was motivational for students to hear all these people say how they didn’t start as straight A students. They all had a journey and they all worked hard to get what they wanted. And then some students were exposed to other careers to where they may even look into other paths.”

One such student was junior Asya Deshazo-Solomon.

“The make up woman really inspired me with her story because she talked about how she wanted to go into another job but it was unsuccessful until she got into a fashion career and became a makeup artist,” said Deshazo-Solomon. “I would love to be a makeup artist in the future and hearing her story really helped me make my mind up about it.”

“I was just overwhelmed with emotion,” said Horton. “I was in tears to see people come out for our kids and to see our kids so receptive and excited about the experience. I am really excited for future events and working with the professionals again.”


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