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Senior could leave the country for an educational journey

<p>Senior Shalonda Shamily's career goal is to be a translator and being an exchange student could help her.</p>

Senior Shalonda Shamily's career goal is to be a translator and being an exchange student could help her.

Senior Shalonda Shamily was awarded an opportunity by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) to be an exchange student this summer.  CIEE is a nonprofit organization that provides educational travel to high school students. 

“I’ll be studying modern and standard Arabic and I’ll also be studying the dialect that’s spoken in Morocco, which is also Arabic,” said Shamily.

Most international studies directors, travel to high schools all across the world to help students and market CIEE.

“Students who study abroad, are a lot more hirable in the workplace and also culturally diverse,” said international studies director Andee Skjonsberg.

Learning languages other than one’s native language can be a plus in a society.  Being bilingual or multilingual can open doors in education and the workplace.   

“I’ve always loved learning different languages and expanding my knowledge on it. It became like a second love of my life,” said Shamily.

Many high school students across the world don’t get to experience some of the things the world has to offer, so being rewarded something as great as this, is a wonderful thing.

“I found out about this opportunity because my former Arabic teacher informed me about the program,” said Shamily.

CIEE is an exciting, life-changing program designed to expand students fully in a new culture. They offer the structure, resources, care, and full support needed to make the experience a beneficial one for students.

“I feel this opportunity is benefitting me because I want to be a translator,” said Shamily. "What else could help me to be more involved and experienced.”


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