East English Village Preparatory Academy hosted his first blood drive Jan. 10. It was sponsored by the American Red Cross. Twenty-four students donated blood.

To ensure the safety of blood donation for both donors and recipients, all donations must be evaluated to determine their eligibility to give blood. According to the American Red Cross, blood donations help millions of patients in need. Every unit from donated blood goes through a series of steps and tests to ensure that it is safe. All human blood may look alike, different blood types need to be matched correctly.

“I am pleased to host a blood drive here at East English, it’s important that we do our part”, said Sgt. Mag. Eduardo Rosario, JROTC instructor. “There is always a need for donations and I believe our students will be eager to help the lives of others."

Major has donated blood in the past and said he enjoyed the opportunity to help others. He plans to donate blood again in May 2017.

Sophomore Joseph Oden welcomed the opportunity to donate blood.

“Helping others is one thing I can’t turn down," Oden said. 

Oden said he felt relaxed during the donation process. He focused on his ability to help someone in need.

“It’s better to give than to receive," he said. 

After donating blood, Oden admits that he was a bit dizzy, but was offered juice and cookies. The snacks replaced the fluids lost and he was able to recover quickly. Oden was able to return to class just 15 minutes after donating. .