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​Thoughts on our next president

How much is a vote worth?

As we approach the inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump, an entrepreneur and celebrity with little to no political experience, I can only wonder whether this would be possible if everyone eligible to vote had actually participated.

Would those who benefit from food stamps or the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) have participated if they knew that Trump has voiced doubt over whether these programs should continue over concern about abuse?

News flash: not everyone abuses these programs. Many actually count on them.

When Trump was elected, I was at first upset; but there’s nothing I, or anybody else, can do about it.

Eligible voters who stayed home could’ve made a big difference, and those votes would have represented people like me, who are not old enough and could not voice our opinions on an election that directly impacts OUR futures.

We can only blame those who didn’t get up and vote. So many people claimed afterward that their vote would not have altered the outcome. Who knows? The totals in three midwest states, including Michigan, were very close, and there are ongoing recounts in several states.

Who’s to say that every single vote did not matter?

What I can say for certain is that we are stuck with the choice so many made not to participate.

We are stuck with it for at least the next four years.


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