West Side Academy junior Brittney Blue has turned a class assignment into a television appearance on Fox 2 News.

Tasked by her English teacher with writing a pledge to not become a distracted driver for a contest for new drivers sponsored by FOX 2 and the Sam Bernstein Law Firm, Blue opted for a poem. Her verse caught the eye of the FOX 2 news staff, and meteorologist Derek Kevra even read portions of her poem on-air after the contest closed.

"I was actually really nervous because I didn’t think my poem would get much attention," Blue said. "I was really surprised when I did win."

While the top three winners were able to win cash prizes, Blue won the chance to be in a public service announcement warning young people about the dangers of being a distracted driver.

Blue was given the chance to go to the news station and be interviewed live by the news staff, along with three of the other winners. The four of them also were filmed for a public service announcement about the dangers of distracted driving that will be airing this winter.

"Some people won money, which would be nice, of course. But I got the chance to be on the news," said Blue. "I was actually really nervous because I didn’t think my poem would get much attention. I was really surprised when I did win."

"I was not at all surprised to find out Brittney placed in the contest. She has a creative side that comes out when she writes poetry," said Blue's English teacher Suzanne Olsen. 

Brittney said she was more comfortable with the PSA than live television.

“During the PSA, before they start recording you, you have a chance to get your lines together and compose yourself,” said Blue. “It makes you more at ease than having to speak on the spot.”

“I feel like my poem will remind people to think outside of themselves because they have lots of other lives at stake when they are on the roads.”