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Staff use talents to support Gleaners

<p>World history teacher Dan Wolford raps “MC Means Mentor the Child.”</p>

World history teacher Dan Wolford raps “MC Means Mentor the Child.”

King held its first annual Crusader Aid in an effort to raise money for Gleaners Food Bank on Nov. 18. With the participation of staff and ticket sales, the Crusader family raised $800 to feed families. Science teacher Laurence Stewart spearheaded this event.  

“We wanted to do something for the kids but at the same time raise money for Gleaners Food Bank,” said Stewart.  “One of the teachers and myself were talking about how the staff haven’t done anything to bring ourselves together.”

The show included staff members as fashion models, poets, singers, rappers and dancers.  All participants were excited to do their performances for the students and community.

“I was excited to see my teachers shine and to see Mr. Wolford show off his rapping skills,” said senior Darius McDuffey.

The creativity that was put into their performances shows students that teachers are good at more than simply teaching because they had a chance to showcase their artistic side.

“I think it was a cool way for us teachers to expose ourselves in a different light because there was always a perception that teachers are these robots and that we don’t have a life outside the classroom,” said history teacher and rapper Dan Wolford.

The $2 ticket sales turned into a nice donation. It doesn’t take a lot of money for a single meal with Gleaners.

“We were able to raise enough money to pay for 2,000 meals,” said Gleaner’s food coordinator Natalie Davidson.


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