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Energy Drinks: Yay Or Nay?

<p>Seniors Ariana Foster and Camryne Stubblefield complete a DAPCEP experiment on the consequences of energy drinks.</p>

Seniors Ariana Foster and Camryne Stubblefield complete a DAPCEP experiment on the consequences of energy drinks.

There are teens who consume energy drinks, but are the drinks considered a healthy choice? On Nov. 9, King students attended an onsite workshop hosted by the organization, Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) where worms were used to experiment the negative impact of energy drinks.

“I like drinking Monster Energy drinks,” said senior Shania Caver. “I drink it every day and I saw how the energy drink caused the worm to have seizures.”

Students enjoyed learning more about energy drinks and how those drinks could potentially affect their health. Teens and college students tend to consume these beverages when they are attempting to stay awake especially when studying for finals.

“Energy drinks are calories and they [companies] promote that they [drinks] have extra vitamins and minerals,” said science teacher Diane McKenzie. “They bring you up and then they bring you down really fast because it’s absorbed so quickly into the system.”

DAPCEP is a non-profit that strengthens students’ skills in engineering and science. This organization works closely with students in the Detroit area.

“We started in 1976 with one DPS school and 295 students and now we have in our classes approximately 4,500 per year,” said development associate of DAPCEP Nina Bailey.

This organization not only comes into the schools to teach, it also offers scholarships for deserving students and preparation for college.

“There is an opportunity for scholarships with most of the universities we partner with but the main benefit is kids who are interested in STEM will leave the program knowing what they need to study [for college], how to study, and they will also have a ‘leg up’ because they had the experiences,” said Bailey.

To attend DAPCEP, there is some criteria needed and your GPA is not the only determining factor. DAPCEP is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

“I loved the workshop today and playing with the worms and learning about the drinks,” said senior Camryne Stubblefield.


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