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James stars on, off the volleyball court


Lauren James was the only player presented with the 2016-2017 EEVPA’s All City Girls Volleyball Team Award. 

Receiving the award was an honor and she attributes her success as a player to her team.

“I appreciate my team and our ability to work together," James said. "We support one another."

She admits that volleyball was a little hard for her initially, however; she kept trying and conquered the necessary abilities to be successful at volleyball. James was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at an early age. Because of her diagnosis and learning disability, James has difficulty with social and communication skills. Nevertheless, she doesn’t allow her disability to be a hindrance. 

“She is not her disability, it doesn’t define her,” said Velmasha Baugh, James’ mom.

Through continued support of her mom, family members and team members, James continually improves and effectively uses various strategies that aid in communication. 

“Coaching Lauren James for the past three years has been rewarding," said Derrick Howze, East English Village’s Girls Volleyball Coach. "I have had the pleasure of seeing her blossom into an athletic champion and an excelling senior."

James received her honors during Senior Night on Oct. 3, when EEVPA played a home game against Southeastern. James scored 15 points, which contributed to their win against Southeastern, 25-5. 

In her spare time, James enjoys skating, horseback riding and playing video game. James’ favorite subjects are science and math. She will continue her studies, as well as her volleyball career at Wayne State University, where she will major in math.

Photo: Lauren James show off her 2016-2017 EEVPA's All City Volleyball Team Award. Credit: Voice of the Ville


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