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Douglass pays tribute to late English teacher

<p>Douglass English teacher Karen Davis died on Nov. 14.</p>

Douglass English teacher Karen Davis died on Nov. 14.

My middle school English teacher Ms. Davis wasn't just a teacher, she was so much more.

She treated us like we were her kids. She loved the kids so much and she showed it. When the kids would walk into her class she was always smiling and playing jazz music. She was more of a friend than a teacher.

We would talk to her about anything or ask her about anything. If we ever needed anything no matter what she was their for us. She also loved to read stories to the kids. Every Friday she wold read us a book. The book I remember her reading is: "How to Kill a Mockingbird." She read this book to us to show us how it was back in the day for whites and blacks.

Ms. Davis was a dedicated teacher who spent over 25 years teaching kids. She also loved cars and told us about them every day.

That's why when I was notified that she died, I was devastated. All of the students are grateful and blessed to have her as a teacher and I hope she rests in peace.


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