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Douglass basketball team goes down, but not without a fight

On Dec. 6, Frederick Douglass Academy visited the Detroit Public Safety Academy for a non-league junior varsity basketball game. This game was hard fought from the Hurricanes perspective.

The Hurricanes' Shane May, Jae'lon Randle, Jalen Pickett, Davon Allen, and Stephon Mclaurin teamed for 42 points, but the game came down to a fourth-quarter victory for DPSA, 58 - 54.

In the first quarter, the Hurricanes started strong. They had the Eagles up 10-4, But it was not long before they came back into the second quarter, 36-22. The Hurricanes made sure they did not give up as they came back into the third quarter to fight hard and tie the game before the beginning of the fourth.

The fourth quarter is were both teams had to dig deep.

Randle and May bought them back with the eagles to sustain a one-point lead. With 1:30 left the Eagles got a two-point lead. Then the Hurricanes made back to back three pointers to cut the lead to only two points.

The Eagles would not give up.

With 25 seconds left they got a fast break steal to secure the victory.

This was a hard fought game.

"I think this has awaken some schools to let them know even though we lost, we are a strong team that is not going to go down so easily without a fight," sophomore Caffey said. "So you better watch out for FD basketball team this year because they are hungry for a title this year."


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