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Renaissance seniors tackle attendance

After rumors that graduation would be postponed and seniors would be required to serve extra days due to their low attendance rate, seniors at Renaissance came together to resolve this.

Seniors typically plan a skip day to celebrate how far they’ve come, but this year some seniors decided to speak against it, going against the popular decision in favor of logic.

“Why is there a skip day if no one comes to school in the first place,” asked senior Krishauna Fisher.

Many silently agreed with her but most seniors weren’t receptive to her claim. It wasn’t until student body president Destiny Davis stepped in that seniors realized they needed to make a change.

“[Fisher] has a great point,” said senior Destiny Davis. “That’s the reason that our school year is extended. I understand being a senior and not wanting to come to school but Michigan mandates that seniors have a 70% attendance rate to graduate.”

After hearing this news plans were made, and as a class, it was agreed that everyone needed to finish this year strong. In the following weeks, seniors have made a tremendous effort to be at school daily, on time and ready to learn. They have been the students that Renaissance expects them to be. The seniors have collectively raised the attendance rate, hoping to set an example for underclassmen.

Due to their efforts, Renaissance seniors will graduate on time. Graduation is scheduled for June 7 at 4 p.m.


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