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Loyola seniors achieve 100% acceptance -- again

<p>Loyola High School proudly displays a banner announcing 100% college acceptance for its seniors.</p>

Loyola High School proudly displays a banner announcing 100% college acceptance for its seniors.

Loyola High School has done it again.

One hundred percent of Loyola High School seniors have been accepted into a college of their choice.

It has been a long rough four years for these 28 seniors. They have lost some class members on the way, and many of them have had to deal with deaths of close friends and family members. Despite the hardships, they still had to stay on top of their grades and school work.

On the other hand, they also have things to celebrate. Like being inducted into the National Honor Society, making it to state semifinals in basketball, playing on championship football team, serving their community all year round, and winning numerous awards and scholarships.

The most important thing they have to celebrate is having everyone accepted to college. Some of the colleges and universities they will attend are Bowling Green State University, Michigan State University, Western Michigan University, Tennessee State University, Saint Xavier University, and others both in outside of Michigan. The students plan to major in a variety of subjects such as business, sports management, teaching, computer science, nursing and architecture.

Now they are ready to graduate high school and move on to a new and exciting chapter in their lives. However, the 28 students have built a strong bond between them over the last four years.

Senior Walter King said: “I will miss all my brothers and the bond we share. Being at Loyola is truly like being in a brotherhood and this band of brothers are moving on together to a lifetime of success.”


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