Being accepted to college is a great feeling especially if you get accepted to your dream college. Many of Loyola High School’s seniors have been accepted to more than one college or university. On May 3, the seniors at Loyola announced what college they would be attending during the school’s College Decision Day.

The seniors presented their decisions in a rather creative way. Principal Wyatt Jones III and other staff members pretended to be sportscasters. They brought each senior up to the stage, said something great about them, and tried to figure out which college the student would choose.

When asked, the senior announced his college or university. The announcement was followed by a photo session with the senior’s family members. Loyola parents, grandparents, siblings and a variety of others beamed with pride for their senior. It was an event that created a special moment for each senior.

After all of the seniors were done announcing which college they will be attending this fall, Senior counselor Angela Hunter held a raffle and gave away essentials that the students may need for their college dorm. Prizes included microwaves and bed sets.

The event was followed by a tailgate party that included a barbecue prepared by teachers and staff. There were also several activities available for everyone to enjoy. The activities included a video game truck where students could play games inside and outside the truck.