Loyola High School is not only a place of education and athleticism, it is also one of service. Each year, Loyola holds an event known as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service in remembrance of Dr. King and what he did for others. On Jan. 19, administrators, teachers, staff and students loaded buses, vans, and cars and drove to various sites to serve others.

One of the service sites was St. Vincent DePaul in Orchard Lake. This is a facility where clothes, toys, furniture and appliances are sold for a minimal charge, or distributed to people who need them. St. Vincent also donates to families who are struck by disaster and are in need of these items. Loyola students went to St. Vincent and helped arrange and fold clothing so that it was ready to either be put on the shelves, or packed up to be donated to those in need.

“This is fun and it makes you feel good to help others who are in need or are simply less fortunate than you,” said sophomore Kyle McBeth, who served at St. Vincent DePaul.

One of the other sites was at Forgotten Harvest. Forgotten Harvest is a food distribution facility that helps provide food to families who cannot afford to buy it themselves. People volunteer are Forgotten Harvest to help package food that is a sufficient amount to feed the families this service is for. It also helps deliver the food to them as well. People volunteer to help deliver the food when they have free time.

One student noted said, “This was a really a humbling sight to see what is done here. The amount of food that is donated to all of these people is crazy. You really do not have a grasp on how many people go without food until you see it.”

The Loyola High School community also volunteered at Gleaners Community Food Bank, Brightmoor Food Pantry, Cass Community Services, the Capuchin Soup Kitchen and Manna Community Meal.

This event is just one of the ways that Loyola students practice their mission of being men for others.


0224 Loyola Day of Service1: Loyola students get food ready for distribution during their Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service. Credit: Bulldog News.

0224 Loyola Day of Service2: Loyola students organize clothing at St. Vincent DePaul. Credit: Bulldog News

0224 Loyola Day of Service3: Loyola students serve the meals they helped prepare at Cass Community Services at Forgotten Harvest. Credit: Bulldog News