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House system helps students through friendly competition

<p>House system posters remind students of their house colors and values.</p>

House system posters remind students of their house colors and values.

Loyola High School has a house system something like the ones in Harry Potter. The house system was started in 2012.

According to Loyola High School: “This house system was created to instill a sense of competition amongst the students. With the house system, the students compete in many different ways: physical challenges, service work, events and the most important thing students compete in is academics.”

Each time report cards and progress reports come out, Melissa Thatcher, who oversees the house points, looks at every student’s grade-point average. Anyone with a 2.5 GPA or higher earns points for their house.

There are five houses: Evans, Mastrangelo, O’Reilly, Carron and Styles. Every house is named after a past president of the school. Each house has its own colors. It also has values to uphold.

The House of Evans’ values are strong, courageous and hungry. The House of O’Reilly’s values are scholars, gentlemen and champions. The House of Mastrangelo’s values are leaders, stylish and risk takers. The House of Styles’ values are smart, dedicated and tenacious. The House of Carron’s values are committed, funny and determined.

Throughout the year, along with the points earned based on GPA, each house can gradually win points during a variety of house events, as well as from teachers who want to reward a student who goes above and beyond expectations.

At the end of the year, the points are tallied for each house. The house with the most points wins a trip.


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