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Senior Spotlight: James Moore

<p>BCHS senior James Moore (facing the camera).</p>

BCHS senior James Moore (facing the camera).

A leader is a person that guides or is a directing head of a group or movement. From being captain of the football team to helping senior advisors plan senior activities, James Moore would definitely be qualified as a leader.

Moore went to Renaissance High School for his freshman year, but transferred to Benjamin Carson High School because his brother attended the school. In the beginning of the transition to a new school, Moore was upset until he became familiar with the new environment.

“This school is going to be very lame,” said Moore about his first thoughts about his new school. Eventually, his opinion changed.

Moore demonstrates leadership through his positive attitude. Moore continues to keep his head held high through any obstacle that is placed in front of him, which isn’t always easy.

For example, Moore had a long-time dream of becoming a football player at Michigan State University, but his plans changed when his passion for football began to fade away and his acceptance to Michigan State was not approved.

He still continued on and found a new dream of becoming a successful environmental engineer at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Moore discovered this new career path through a sit down with his stepfather and doing research on his own.

Moore said he has enjoyed with the help of his friends and he takes great pleasure in the experience of opening his acceptance letters from colleges.

So far, Moore has been accepted to colleges including, Eastern Michigan University, Tuskegee University, West Virginia State University, Siena Heights University. He is also still waiting on responses from several schools, such as Western Michigan University and Grand Valley State University.

Moore said he is excited about all of the future senior events that the school has planned, but prom is at the top of his list.

“I’ve been waiting for prom for the longest. I can't wait to hit the blade dance,” said Moore. Clearly Moore’s high school achievements and goals are just the beginning of all the great things he plans to accomplish in life.

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BCHS senior James Moore (facing the camera). 


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