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CMA: A house divided against itself will fall

By Isis Givans and Sharneisha Morris Staff Writers

Lately in society there has been an excessive amount of controversy and racial tension between African American and Caucasian communities. Some issues were the creation of Black stereotypes and the brutality displayed by white officers.

These are some setbacks in present day. Some people, white and black, feel that the whites are displaying modern day discrimination because of the thought of being superior.

“I don’t understand why all this violence is occurring,” senior Keila Dillard said. “Aren’t we all the same on the inside?”

Altercations with law enforcement seem to be the norm now. Media footage shows officers fighting and disciplining suspects. But just how much “discipline” is too much?

“It’s like ... they are (police) fighting against us instead of protecting us,” said senior Allegra Hicks. “What am I supposed to do if I’m in need of emergency assistance, call them? Please.”

In response to the Eric Garner case people protested across the country with shirts that said “I Can’t breathe” quoting the victim. This was just one of the many instances where racial profiling came into play. Another is the uprising in Baltimore.

What has the country come to? The U.S. is supposed to be an integrated country. When is it acceptable for the police to use excessive force? Someone can get killed every day but if they are of African American descendent it is debatable.

This country needs to stick together. More communication needs to be utilized to avoid further conflicts. A house divided against itself will always fall.


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